Revolutionary New Contact Lens Launched in the U.S.

Safigel 1 DayT disposable daily wear contact lenses represent a revolutionary leap in contact lens technology and performance. Positioned at the cutting edge, these contact lenses have the same natural bio-polymer, sodium hyaluronate (HA), used in many leading dry-eye drops. As the world’s first hyaluronate-gel contact lens where HA is incorporated into the production process using the patented SafigelT technology, both comfort and wearing time are notably improved.1
One of the major problems for contact lens wearers is dry eye, exacerbated by environmental factors, e.g., heating, cooling, smog, allergies, and extended computer usage. Conventional contact lenses on the market dehydrate during the day, causing more eye irritation as the day goes on. With Safigel 1 DayT , the contact lens remains continually hydrated because of the unique hydrophilic properties of the hyaluronate gel. Every one molecule of HA in the lens attracts 3,000 molecules of water, creating
natural tears on both sides of the contact lens. Wearing Safigel 1 DayT is
like having a lubricating eye drop on the contact lens all the time. In many cases where people stopped wearing contacts because of dry eye, they could start wearing contacts again using Safigel 1 DayT disposable contact lenses.
Sales of Safigel 1 DayT disposable daily wear lenses have begun in the United States through eye care practitioners and distributors. Sample kits are available to eye care practitioners by contacting Scott Orphanos, VP of Sales, at 1-877-SAF-IGEL begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1-877-SAF-IGEL      end_of_the_skype_highlighting ext. 2. For more information, visit our Website,   SafilensR has been successfully selling contact lenses in Europe for the past five years under the Safe-Gel brand name. Now with FDA approval, SafigelT has set up operations in the U.S. with its Corporate Offices in Chicago. SafigelT is known for bringing new, high quality, innovative contact lens products to the marketplace while sustaining high customer satisfaction. While current contact lens manufacturers introduce revised versions of their previous contact lens offerings, SafigelT is claiming the new generation category of HA contact lenses.

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