Technolas Perfect Vision announces two laser procedure innovations

Posted on the OSN SuperSite September 5, 2010

PARIS — Technolas Perfect Vision has unveiled a new femtosecond laser procedure module that allows for both refractive and cataract surgery and a new aberration-optimized presbyopic algorithm for its excimer laser, company officials announced.

Kristian Hohla, PhD, CEO of Technolas Perfect Vision, spoke about Customlens and SupraCor at a press conference held during the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons meeting here.

The Customlens module will be available for the company’s Technolas Femtosecond Workstation. It allows for anterior capsulotomy, lens fragmentation and corneal incisions in cataract surgery, Dr. Hohla said.

The device will be “the first femtosecond laser for performing cataract as well as refractive surgery with a single device,” according to company literature.

“We think it is a major accomplishment of the company to do this one system for all the femtosecond procedures that are available on the market,” he said.

It is expected to be commercially available in Europe in 2011.

SupraCor will be effective with myopic, hyperopic, emmetropic and post-LASIK cases without inducing aberrations with the Technolas Excimer Workstation 217P.

“SupraCor is the counterpart to IntraCor, which is a presbyopic treatment for a limited number of people,” Dr. Hohla said. “SupraCor will expand that range.”

It is expected to receive the CE mark in early 2011, according to company officials.

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