Headaches and Your Eyes

Headaches can be diagnosed in many ways, so here are some tips to help you determine whether the headaches you are experiencing may be related to your eyes, vision or ergonomic situation at work:

Rarely headaches can be caused by intracranial pressure (ICP).  A headache can be a sign of a deeper and more serious condition, so be sure to report any headache symptoms to your general physician as well as consider the information in this post.

Frontal Headaches are headaches that occur on the forehead area or behind your eyes.  Generally these headaches are related to vision, although a major source of these headaches is sinus pressure as well.   Vision causes include the struggle to converge (turn together) the eyes to read or do extended near work like computer and other binocular vision problems (problems turning or focusing the eyes together).

Temporal Headaches occur near or around the temples of your head.  Temporal headaches in young, healthy people are often due to stress, while elderly people may have a serious condition known as temporal arteritis. There are several other causes in the literature so be sure to see your general physician as well.

Occipital Headaches occur in the back of the head and are often but not always accompanied by radiating pain towards the neck and upper back area.  Occipital headaches are often solved by having an optometrist make  appropriate ergonomic recommendations for the workplace, but occasionally can be caused by more serious conditions.

Migraine Headaches can have many manifestations, and the pain from these headaches is often debilitating.  Migraine headaches are a reason to see your general physician, who may be able to diagnose a trigger, such as caffeine or diet, and recommend some pain medications to help you get past the worse part of the headache.  Some migraine headaches have visual symptoms such as flashing lights, so see your general physician and seeing an eye doctor is prudent as well.

Courtesy of the doctors at Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care; Optometrists, Ophthalmologists and Opticians serving the Rockville, Potomac and Gaithersburg, Maryland suburbs of Washington DC for over 40 years.  For more information visit youreyesite.com and connect with us on twitter @EyeInfo


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