Summary of Stem Cell News for the Eye – for the Benefit of Brian Hogan. Please Help

The following is a summary of posts in the last year covering information related to advances in stem cell therapy for eye disease.

Also,  Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care would like to draw attention to the case of Brian Hogan, Jr as well.  Brian was assaulted July 19, 2009 in an unprovoked attack. He sustained a severe brain injury that left him blind and paralyzed on his left side. After three months in intensive care and seven months in rehabilitation, he was able to move back to Ireland and lives at Beech Lodge, a rehabilitation facility in Bruree, near his parents’ home in Limerick.  Brian is seeking treatments that might lead to the eventual restoration of his vision.  People interested in sharing information with Brian or helping out with his cause are encouraged to visit

Autologous Stem Cell Treatment Restores Vision In Patients With Severe Eye Damage From Burns

Vision Restored To Blinded Patients Through Reimplantation Of Their Own Stem Cells.


Stem cell treatment for Macular Degeneration in Germany

Researchers Create Three-Dimensional, Retina-Like Structure From Human Embryonic Stem Cells.

Claim of New Stem Cell Treatment for Macular Degeneration

Other sources for information on stem cell trials including clinical trials of new technologies:

National Eye Institute

Bascom Palmer Eye Research

Johns Hopkins / Wilmer Eye Institute

Wills Eye Hospital

Courtesy of the Doctors at Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care; Optometrists, Ophthalmologists and Opticians working together to help you see better.  Serving the Rockville, Potomac and Gaithersburg Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC for over 40 years. For more information visit or call (301) 670-1212

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