Orthokeratology (orthoK) – vision without contacts, glasses or surgery

OrthoK has a 40 year history- in the early days of contact lenses, doctors noticed that their patients wearing hard contact lenses would report seeing better at distance after removing the contacts than they did before they put them in. They also noticed that some patients in these hard lenses vision was changing slower than people in just glasses. They discovered the reason for this was that the lenses that had these effects fit flatter on the curvature of the eye than standard contact lenses, exerting a gentle pushing effect which temporarily reduced the amount of nearsightedness for the wearers.

The practice of prescribing these “flatter” lenses went on for many years, until a company filed a special design and healthier contact lens plastic for approval by the FDA. The FDA approved orthok in the late 1990’s for children of all ages. The procedure involves the child putting an orthoK lens in their eye before bed – when the eyes are closed they don’t feel the lenses, and upon awakening when they remove the lens they see perfectly clear all day until bedtime, when they need to reinsert the lens. I have posted a blog post on good research conducted on the benefits of orthoK that describes it’s use in controlling the worsening of nearsightedness, or myopia.


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