What’s In Your Eye? What Does it Look Like In There?

Ever wonder what’s inside your eye? The back of the eye is a tissue called the Retina.  The retina is a direct extension of the brain and is the light sensitive tissue that sends signals from the visual environment to the brain, creating vision.  Outside of the eye the retina appears like a thin piece of clear wet saran wrap.

View of Retina through Eye

The bulk of the inside of the eye is made up of a gelatinous substance called the Vitreous Humor.  The Vitreous is made of mostly water interspersed with protein molecules which provide it with it’s jelly-like properties.  The vitreous primarily helps to support the shape of the eye and acts as a conduit for nutrients from the front to the back of the eye.  The vitreous also plays a minor role in transmission of light through the eye by maintaining clarity.

The lens is anterior to the vitreous and is a clear, soft disk in the young eye that hangs by suspensory ligaments that circle it.  You can see the lens in the above photo to the left infront of the vitreous.

The front surface of the lens is bathed in a fluid called the Aqueous humor, which is basically water with nutrients. The inflow and outflow of aqueous maintains the pressure within the eye.  Between the front of the eye (cornea) and the front of the lens is the iris of the eye, the round tissue who’s open center is the pupil of the eye.  The iris is the “aperture” of the eye and controls how much light enters the eye; more in poorly lit areas and less in well lit areas.  The iris is a soft tissue composed of intertwined strands of collagen. The iris in the above picture is the red tissue, although in the eye it defines the persons eye color thus is the same color as what you would describe the persons eye color

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