Claim of New Stem Cell Treatment for Macular Degeneration

The XCell-Center is a private clinic group and institute for regenerative medicine located in Düsseldorf and Cologne, Germany, bringing together therapeutical use of autologous adult stem cells and medical research.

Macular patients are treated by implanting the stem cells behind the eye via retrobulbar injection under local anesthesia. These re-injected stem cells have the potential to transform into multiple types of cells and are capable of regenerating damaged tissue.   For other eye related stem cell information click here

XCell-Center believes that the retro-bulbar injection of autologous stem cells might first prevent the progression of dry and wet macular degeneration by reducing the Drusen deposits in the retinal pigment epithelium beneath the macula. It might also prevent the destruction of the photoreceptors in both the dry and wet type, by reactivating proper micro-vessel activity and reducing the abnormal blood vessel growth beneath.

On the first day, bone marrow is collected from the patient’s iliac crest (hip bone) using thin-needle mini-puncture under local anesthesia.

On the third day, the stem cells are implanted back into the patient via retrobulbar injection by an experienced ophthalmologist.

The following results are for one female patient, 45 years of age.

In the past, she had undergone several photodynamic laser macula treatments and two “lucentis” intra vitreo injections with a disastrous clinical result. Her clinical condition continued to worsen.

When she arrived at the Xcell-center for the first time, she had a central scotoma on the left eye and she was not able to count her fingers. In the right eye we observed the onset of macula degeneration with macula epiteliopathy and 9/10 corrected visual acuity that we have been able to preserve until the present.

After some detoxification treatments the patient was sent to the XCell-center on April 25, 2008 for a bilateral autologous stem cell retro-bulbar implantation.

Just two weeks after the treatment, during an objective, standardized examination, this patient showed significant improvement.

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  2. […] Claim of New Stem Cell Treatment for Macular Degeneration … […]

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