#MedicalMonday Hash -Give Props to Prominent Health Care “Twitizens” – This Weeks Nominees . . .

The #MedicalMonday hash on Twitter is designed to give props and group “Twitizens” (people who use Twitter) who are tweeting good health care information.  Each week, 10 “Twitizens” are chosen as “Top 10 Healthcare Twitizens of the Week” by EyeInfo, and on Wednesday one wins the award for “Best Healthcare Twitizen of the Week”. Use the award to generate interest in your Twitter efforts and gain followers.

Anyone involved in health care can qualify, including doctors, nurses, Physician assistants, clinics, hospitals, naturopaths, accupuncturists. Please do not hash people selling nutritional supplements or medical recruiters with this hash.  We encourage nominees to submit a small paragraph about their feelings about their nomination and promoting anything they would like to promote and it will be posted on the popular EyeInfo blog as well as tweeted to our network.

Check in on Mondays to find the top 10 Medical “Twitizens of the Week”, all nominations for this weeks #1 Healthcare Twitizen.

Congratulations to  This Weeks 10 Nominations for Healthcare Twitizen of the Week:


  • Nutrition Evolution is founded on the idea that we can heal ourselves and achieve optimal wellness by connecting traditional wisdom with modern solutions.


  • Holistic physician, bioidentical hormone replacement, BHRT, nutrition, Dr. Simeons HCG weight loss, Neuromodulation Technique, NMT, maggot debridement, raw food


  • Optometry office specializing in developmental vision, contact lenses, and premium eyewear. Owned by @NateBW


  • Follow Tara Parker-Pope as she sifts through medical research and expert opinions to help readers take control of their health and live well every day.


  • Pediatrician/author/speaker/mom


  • Licensed child psychologist with expertise in parenting and educational issues for kids and teens – Laura Compian Kauffman


Nutrition expert, Naturopath, Acupuncture Physician, Writer, Someone who wants 2 help you experience Optimal Health now


  • When real families talk… we listen. With top experts Dr. Leah and Single Mom Seeking


  • Biological anthropologist and leading expert in the science of human attraction


Pediatrician’s insights about child health, parenting and doctoring kids


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