Which Sunglass Lens Options TRULY Help

We’ve all been confronted with choices when buying sunglass lenses.  How do you sort out the options that truly help you by reducing brightness, glare or UV exposure?  Fortunately it’s rather simple.

Tip #1 – Your sunglasses should protect you from UV exposure.  Some sunglasses have a UV protective coating applied to them. Others like Transitions or Polarized sunglasses naturally filter out UV

Tip #2 – Your sunglasses should have some type of anti-reflective coating.  Anti reflective coatings (AR) removes most reflections from the surface of sunglass lenses, improving their appearance.  AR coatings also provide a modest improvement in vision by reducing reflections and glare.

Tip #3 – If glare is your biggest problem, you should only choose Polarized sunglasses.   While tints and transition lenses offer some relief, nothing comes close to polarized lenses in providing relief from glare.

Tip #4 – Frame selection; if your frame choice is too small, too much light might enter your eyes from around the frame.  The small sunglasses might look stylish, but are they functional as suns?  The larger the suns the less light you have to deal with on very bright days.

Courtesy of the doctors of Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care; optometrists, ophthalmologists and opticians serving Rockville, Potomac and Gaithersburg, Maryland

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