10 Great Healthcare Twitizens to Follow

Thanks for tuning in for the first installment of  “10 Great Healthcare Twitizens to Follow”.    We will be giving props to 10 Twitizens who provide top-notch tweets within their particular healthcare areas of expertise.  Featured Twitizens will be chosen from posts with the #MedicalMonday hashtag.  We will also select the most hashed healthcare Twitizen to win Healthcare Twitizen of the week and interview them on the EyeInfo blog.  Every Monday, give props to your favorite healthcare workers including doctors, nurses, technicians, pharmacists, clinicians, physician assistants etc who use twitter to disseminate helpful healthcare information by Tweeting with the hashtag #MedicalMonday and they will qualify for a slot.   Healthcare Twitizens of the week will be posted on the Tuesday following #MedicalMonday.  Here are the first  10 top Healthcare Twitizens and their twitter bios:


A group of top health writers meeting together to pass on free information for a perfect healthy life


Patient Handbook to Medical Care by J. L. Richardson MD, Medical Doctors & Data for YOU


Board certified dermatologist, expert at LiveSTRONG, Kaiser Permanente physician, founder, The Derm Blog.


Tarheel in FL -FamilyPractice Medical Doctor/ Author – Patient Handbook to Medical Care/ Publisher, Bend of the River Books


RNIB are helping people who have lost their sight find their lives again. Right now we can only reach 1 in 3 of the people who need us – help us reach everyone.


Exceptional EyeCare. Incredible EyeWear.


Staff Neurosurgeon, Emory Clinic CNN Chief Medical Correspondent


Physician at ICSI, reader of books, airplane traveler, speaker/writer/learner

Dad, President & CEO of Acucela, scientist, researcher, ophthalmologist and blogger for better eye health


Homeopath Physician BHMS

This weeks winner will be announced wednesday afternoon EDT


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  1. Thanks for the nomination! Congrats to all those who were nominated. Great job!

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