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Migraine Sufferers May Have More Trouble Ignoring Visual Distractions Than Other People

HealthDay (4/16, Preidt) reported, “Migraine sufferers appear to have more trouble ignoring visual distractions than other people,” which may have “the most impact on those who experience visual auras before a migraine,” researchers in Scotland found. “A current theory about migraines suggests that nerve cells in the brains of migraine sufferers are excitable, and exposure to certain triggers causes whole clusters of brain cells to become overactive, resulting in a migraine.” Thus, researchers wrote in Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, “We believe that the [visual] noise on the display” used during the experiment “overexcites the nerve cells in the brain of the migraineurs,” which “in turn makes it harder for a migraineur to see the disk.”

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Information courtesy of the optometrists and ophthalmologists at Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care, Rockville and Potomac, Maryland


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