Contact Lenses With Vitamin E May Help Treat Glaucoma.

HealthDay (3/24, Mozes) reported that researchers have “created special contact lenses for glaucoma patients that come loaded with vitamin E, using a design that could essentially lengthen the amount of time a medication bathes an afflicted eye,” according to research presented at a chemical society meeting. Although the lenses have so far only been tested in beagles, the new contacts, which “can be worn for up to a month,” may “extend drug-delivery duration by upwards of 100 times when compared with regular commercial lenses.”
“The lenses, which are due to be tested on people within the next two years, have the added benefit of protecting the eye from sun damage,” the UK’s Daily Mail (3/25, Macrae) reports. That is because the vitamin E contained within them “blocks UV radiation, leading to increased protection against UV light,” a study author explained. The Daily Mail adds that the new lenses “could also be loaded with drugs for cataracts and other eye conditions.”

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