Contact Lens Problems? It Might Be Your Lens Case

In the March, 2010 issues of Optometry and Vision Science (Wu, Zhu et al) contact lens cases were studied to determine if different areas of the same contact lens case had different rates and profile of microbial contamination. Sixty four lens cases and case age information were collected from asymptomatic contact lens wearers. Lens cases were sampled at two locations, the upper rim and the lower base of the case. The samples underwent microbiological investigation for recovery of bacteria and fungi. Contamination rate between the two sampling locations and the relationship between the contamination levels and the age of the lens case were analyzed.

Findings showed contamination occurred in 58% of lens cases. Higher numbers of microorganisms were recovered from the upper rim of the case than that from the lower base of the lens cases in flat cases (screw-down cases). For stand-up cases (Aosept, Clear Care, Sauflon), higher numbers of microorganisms were recovered from the lens basket compared to the upper hinge. Lens cases that were less than 9 months of age had lower levels of contamination.

The study demonstrated that frequent replacement of lens cases may reduce microbial contamination.

At Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care, we recommend one-day disposable contact lenses to many patients. One-day disposables eliminate the need for contact lens cases that might lead to eye health problems such as conjunctivitis and we feel offer a more healthy alternative to our patients.  For an interesting article on “secrets to contact lens success” click this link.

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