Eye Exams – What People Are Commenting About in Their Tweets

Stef_Seifert @shoebucket went to the eye doctor, dialated pupils. Blah.

Dr. Alan Glazier

. . . Eye doctors dilate your pupils so that when they shine light to look in your eye, the pupil won’t constrict and they get a better view. Looking in a non-dilated eye is analogous to looking through a keyhole to view a whole room and dilation is like opening the door . .

talltam22 Wow, just found out my eye doctor has been coming UP on me 4 yrs. Charging me > double for contacts! The devil is a liar 1800CONTACTS it is!

. . . most eye doctors charge fees for contact lens services and contact lens exams. Some eye doctors bundle the materials and services. Most private doctors are competitive with the major online retailers. If you feel you are getting ripped off on your contacts you may need to evaluate your level of trust with that practice on other services as well . , . and 1800Contacts is one of the more expensive outfits but my patients always refer to them for some reason – good marketing I guess.

akerdmanee Have a bit of dry eye cause of LASIK…doctor plugged my right tear duct to help. Apparently tear ducts don’t create, but drain tears!

. . . that’s correct, and controversy exists as to the cause of dryness post lasik – either some of the nerves on the surface of the eye responsible for creating tears are “lasered”, or the eyelids which act like windshield wipers aren’t able to spread tears as evenly over the cornea that is flattened by LASIK or some other cause . . .

Jessilyn_Wong Ahh! My eye still sees like bright yellow lights from the eye doctor!!! ahhhh!

. . . afterimages occur when bright light “bleaches” the photoreceptors. They can take a while to recover and when they do the vision is restored. . . .

heathermay2011 Oh my god. This eye doctor is so slow.

. . . unfortunately the doctor can be slow, or patients can show up late slowing the doctor down, or a doctor may encounter an unexpected challenge in the exam room . . in any event slow service is poor service and doctors should be sensitive regarding patients in terms of making them wait and institute policies to attempt to minimize waits. . .

musicloverx3 Ive been at the eye doctor since 345. Whats up with that??

. . . again, many people complaining about their wait at the eye doctor. Hope it’s not a trend!

dubblemuffin Apparently, if you don’t flinch when the air puffs in your eyes, the doctor worries that you’re doing cocaine. This was quoted by my eye …

. . . while cocaine can cause the surface of the eye to be numb temporarily, it wears off fast, and most cokeheads don’t put it in their eyes – too expensive for that thrill. . . can’t say I ever even thought of the effect on a patient getting the “air puff” even once in 17 years of practice . . . maybe that doctor is thinking too much about cocaine ? ever think about that?

uicystar007 I had to stop by my eye doctor place to pick up my contacts…. and they are being SO slow………. ugghhhhhhhhhhh.

. . . another complaint about being slow . . .maybe cocaine might help them speed it up . . . that’s a JOKE people! . . .

freebiefish Free Acuvue Oasys Trial Pair of Contact Lenses Certificate and get tips for talking to your eye doctor http://bit.ly/aLGJeS

. . seriously, the major contact lens manufacturers make this free trial thing out to be something special. Your doctor has free trials of ALL major brands and some minor brands – you don’t need a coupon, just ask the doc and you’ll get it!

@maybeimkansas quinine and potassium fix twitches. read: bananas and vodka tonics. my eye doctor told me exactly that in 08 🙂

. . . also makes a great improvised explosive device (IED)

summerstardust Omg I hate the eye doctor he is so old and keeps geting my name wrong

. . . maybe he can’t see you . . . then you both have a problem!

Stay tuned for the next Eyecare Tweet Complaint Segment.

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