Untreated Vision Problems In Elderly Associated With Increased Risk Of Cognitive Decline.

MedPage Today (2/23, Bankhead) reported that, according to a study published online in the American Journal of Epidemiology, “untreated vision problems in older age are associated with an increased risk of decline in cognitive function and Alzheimer’s disease.” In a study of “625 participants followed for an average of 10 years,” researchers found that “uncorrected poor vision was associated with a five- to 10-fold greater risk of Alzheimer‘s disease and a five-fold greater risk of cognitive decline without dementia, compared with older people who had very good or excellent vision.”
Reuters (2/24, Norton) reports that while it remains unclear why untreated vision problems contribute to dementia, one study author theorized that poor vision may prevent some seniors from fully taking part in a social life, exercising, reading, and performing activities to keep their minds active, all of which could help stave off dementia.

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