Farsighted or Nearsighted – What’s the Difference

When referencing their quality of vision, people often will describe themselves as being “farsighted” when they are really nearsighted and vice versa.

Farsighted people can see better far with no glasses, thus are “far” sighted. Near sighted people can see better near with no glasses, thus are “near” sighted. People who are over 40 and have trouble reading without assistance may be farsighted or nearsighted compounded by a condition called Presbyopia – Presbyopia makes people have to hold things further away from their corrected eyes to read it. I like to call it “Short Arm Syndrome”.  (click HERE for more information on Presbyopia).

People who are nearsighted have eyes that act like magnifiers when viewing near objects and minifiers when viewing far objects. Putting corrective lenses on magnifies the distance objects and minifies the near and that is why nearsighted people will tell you they read better when their glasses are off. Farsighted people have naturally magnified distance vision and minified near. When they put on glasses distance and near get more magnified. When both groups are over 40 and attempt to read, their glasses may not provide the necessary power and it might be necessary to include an “add”, also known as bifocal or multifocal into the lens to assist

with the near. Nearsighted people can take off their distance correction, bifocals or multifocals and read at near whereas farsighted people can’t.

Courtesy of the Doctors at Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care; Optometrists, Ophthalmologists and Opticians serving the Rockville, Potomac and Gaithersburg Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC for over 40 years. For more information on eye and vision care issues visit www.youreyesite.com, call (301) 670-1212 or connect with us on twitter @EyeInfo

copyright 2010 – Dr. Alan Glazier, Optometrist All Rights Reserved


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