Researchers question causes of myopia

On its “Morning Edition” program, NPR (1/11, Shapiro) reports on the search for the causes of myopia. Epidemiologist Susan Vitale, of the National Eye Institute, explained that a study she coauthored in December’s Archives of Ophthalmology found “about a 66 percent increase” in myopia over 30 years. NPR notes that “near-work…the things you do close up with your eyes, like reading or watching television,” has been suspected as contributing to nearsightedness, but a study by researchers at the College of Optometry at the Ohio State University found that near-work had no influence. They did discover, however, that the amount of outdoor activity a child had an influence the development of myopia. “Now, researchers are studying whether outdoor light somehow changes the way the eye grows.”

See our blog post on the same topic with greater detail and references


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