Contact Lenses Prescribed for Two-Week or Monthly Replacement May Lead to Over Wear

According to a Vistakon study presented at the American Academy of Optometry meeting. Specifically, 85% of two-week replacement contact lens wearers reported replacing their lenses within four weeks, and 55% of monthly replacement wearers said they replaced their lenses at five weeks. The study was comprised of a random sample of 645 frequent replacement hydrogel or silicone hydrogel wearers who answered questions via an online sponsor-masked survey.

And that brings up the question as to why Vistakon, who invented the 2 week disposable contact lens modality, would continue to develop products and encourage wear within this time frame knowing that one day and one month modality both are complied at a higher level, thus healthier to the patient. The author of this blog encourages Vistakon to rethink this modality in favor of others in future products they bring to market. Healthier modalities = healthier contact lens wearing population.


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