Article explains how focusing problems may cause reading difficulties in some children

The UK’s Daily Mail (9/15, Burne) reports that for some children, reading can “be a pain, quite literally.” In the UK, for “perhaps as many as 400,000” children, “the problem lies with the way their eyes work.” For example, “if the muscles around the eyes are weak, the eyes won’t work as a coordinated pair,” thereby making “it difficult to focus clearly on something as small as the printed words on a page.” In addition, “this inability to focus the eyes together can lead to headaches. Children who have difficulty reading may also have super-sensitive brain cells, which means they find the actual page unbearably bright.” Fortunately, “treatment from an orthoptist, an eye specialist who deals with focusing problems, could improve their vision dramatically.” Still, some “experts still disagree over whether the exercises and special glasses work,” with the “sternest critics” being ophthalmologists.


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