Laser treatment may help reverse effects of dry AMD.

BBC News (7/6) reported that “a ground-breaking laser treatment” may help “reverse the effects of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).” In early “proof-of-concept trials” involving about “50 people,” the laser technique, which was “developed by pioneering eye expert Professor John Marshall of King’s College London,” appeared to return “the back of the eye to its youthful state.” In the technique, a “painless ‘short pulse’ laser” boosts “the release of the enzymes to clean away” natural “waste materials,” but “without damaging the cells that enable” vision. The researchers now plan further “studies in patients already suffering from AMD in one eye with the aim of saving the sight in their better eye for as long as possible.” Professor Marshall said that “he hoped the treatment would be available within two to five years.” BBC News noted, “There is currently no treatment for the most common form of AMD — known as ‘dry’ AMD — which the new laser technique could prevent.”


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