Segment explains computer vision syndrome.

On its website and on the air, KPIX-TV San Francisco (7/3, 11:48 p.m. CDT, Mulvihill), a CBS affiliate, reported that with “more than four billion mobile devices, and a countless number of computers…now in use around the world,” many with small display screens, a “high-tech eye problem is staring right back.” According to a survey by the California Optometric Association, “10 million patient visits” may result annually “from problems occurring with the use of high-tech devices.” In fact, optometrist Dennis Fong, OD, of the University of California-Berkeley’s School of Optometry, “has seen an uptick in a condition called computer vision syndrome, or CVS for short, the symptoms” of which include “headaches, tired eyes, blurred vision, double vision, and/or loss of eye focus.” Dr. Fong pointed out that “human eyes are not designed to look up close at anything for eight hours a day. In addition, high tech devices emit light…that causes eye strain.” He recommended that patients “invest in a pair of computer glasses” which allow people to “have an even larger area through which to see a display screen clearly.”


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