Columnist describes experience of shopping for inexpensive eyeglasses.

In the Wall Street Journal (7/2, D2) Cranky Consumer column, Charles Passy observes that “some retailers that specialize in discount eyewear” are now offering “prescription glasses for as little as $7.95 a pair.” So, “we decided to visit four cost-conscious retailers — online and in person — to see what their pricing (for frame and lenses combined), service, and selection was like for men’s glasses. We asked them to suggest the least-expensive pair possible.” After describing the shopping process with four eyeglass retailers, Passy writes that “online retailers offer some exceptional buys,” but asserts that “shopping for specs without trying them on takes a leap of faith,” and also “requires that you carefully plug in all the details from your prescription.” Getting frames adjusted after receiving them, however, was not possible with the online vendors, who suggested “walking into a nearby optical center” where, “in most places, they will be happy to assist you free of charge,” a process which Passy calls “a little short-sighted.”


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